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Treatment of Problems of Graph Theory with Mathematica and graph solutions

Especially for problems in the field of graph theory, Symbols and Numbers has developed a software package for Mathematica.

It is equally suited to be used in teaching and to solve larger tasks of practical interest, because it provides heuristic algorithms for all time consuming solution methods.

All algorithms can also be obtained in another programming language.

graph solutions offers efficient methods particulary for the traveling salesman problem (TSP), the chinese postman problem and bipartite as well as general matching.

A comfortable interface allows the user to provide a graph with various optional properties:

  • coordinates of vertices
  • names for vertices and edges
  • (several) weights for vertices and edges
  • additional (arbitrary) specifications for the graph

Automatic tests for plausibility and consistency allow the safe and simple usage of this flexible representation of a graph.

Graphs can easily be investigated with respect to their properties, for example to detect cycles, connectivity, topological order and degrees of vertices.

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