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Object Orientation in Mathematica with Objectica

In order to open the world of object orientation to Mathematica, Symbols and Numbers has developed a software package. From the point of view of a programmer, it is a layer between Mathematica and his own programs.

Objectica covers, with respect to object orientation, almost the complete functionality of Java and C#. Especially the four pradigms of object orientation are implemented: abstract data types, inheritance, encapsulation and polymorphism. Some concepts even go further, for example in terms of abstract fields and polymorphism of static methods.

During the development of Objectica attention was paid to the fact that the definition and usage of classes and objects should be as simple as possible. Whenever possible, keywords were taken literally from Java and C#. Great value is set on keeping the flexibility of the programmer.

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A few properties of Objectica:

  • Simple Java-like syntax
  • Fast access to objects
  • Support of development of commercial libraries
  • Full access to all functions of Mathematica
  • Complete documentation of all functions with many examples
  • Consistency checks help to detect errors
  • Saving of (anonymous) classes and objects

A test version is available.