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Simulation Studies

By means of simulation models, real systems are emulated with respect to their essential properties. The evaluation of various simulation runs with different boundary conditions helps the user to gain a better understanding of the system and allows to detect by which means the system can be enhanced.

Symbols and Numbers offers simulation studies especially in the field of system simulation and the simulation of moving objects. The system simulation investigates, how components of the system and components used to control are to be optimally tuned and designed such that the complete system optimally reacts on changing environmental input. Simulation of moving objects is used in the inspection of material flows (production engineering), vehicle movements (logistics), job processing (business process (re)design) and many more fields of application. At the same time, two conflictive targets must be hit. On one hand, the resources should be exploited effectively and on the other hand, customers should be quickly served.

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For this purpose Simplex3 is used that allows to model discrete as well as continuous systems. The distribution of the system that was continously developed at the university of Erlangen and applied as well as tested at the university of Passau is in preparation.

Simplex offers a proper programming language in which the user describes the bahaviour of the systems to be simulated. It is therefore enough to formulate the "what" and to leave the details of the "how" to the simulation system.

The modular concept in combination with the various possibilities to control the simulation and to graphically display results allows a seemless transition from first steps examples to complex problems of practical interest. Because C is used as higher programming language, simulation runs can be executed even in productive systems.