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Fatigue Monitoring

Continuously changing pressures in the pipeline cause the initiation and propagation of cracks. Finally, fatigue would lead to a rupture of the pipe.

Two actions supporting the pipeline operation can be taken so that this will never happen:

  • Continuous calculation of the remaining life time based on measured load cycles
  • Deminishing the variation in stress in the future by analyzing historic pressure trends

Our software FATIMO supports both measures in an optimal way.

Editorial/Data Protection • page checked on May 30th 2014

Beyond that typical operational problems are taken into account:

  • Definition of exclusion times where measurement values are erroneous or not available
  • Data storage in ASCII format, which is readable even after decades
  • Evaluation and analysis on simple personal computers

The calculation of material stresses, determination of the load spectrum and evaluation of the load alternations is done according to the approval procedure of TÜV SÜD.

You can download a detailed description of FATIMO here .