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Simulation Platform

Symbols and Numbers has developed a simulation platform that emulates a control station software and that largely includes all components necessary for monitoring pipeline networks. Additionally it contains

  • a process simulator that models flows of liquids and gases in pipeline networks
  • a reproduction of measured value acquisition and data transfer in order to investigate the impact of flawed hardware
  • an operator user interface composed of process diagram and hydraulic profile so that a training becomes possible that is as close to reality as possible

The numeric simulation model uses our own fluid element model that handles liquids and gases. It simulates stationary as well as transient operating conditions and interacts with leak detection systems so that the emergence and detection of leaks can be fully demonstrated. Hydraulic shocks caused by closing valves or pumps that shut down can be impressively be shown. A batch tracking is integrated into the simulation model and temperature distributions are modeled depending on the season.

Editorial/Data Protection • page checked on Dec. 5th 2010

The simulation platform can therefore

  • simulate a real facility during an operator training
  • construct a spatially contiguous description from discrete measurements

A few benefits of our fluid element model:

  • Same model for liquids and gases
  • Mass, momentum and energy are conserved
  • Batch tracking is implicitly contained
  • Covers slackline operation
  • Takes care of inaccuracies of measurements
  • Faulty timestamps are modeled
  • End-to-end model (measurement to operator view)
  • Control algorithms allow pre-testing of SPS